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Crossing All Bridges is a ground-breaking program dedicated to providing meaningful educational opportunities to adults with developmental challenges. Through the variety of unique programs offered, participants build self-confidence, participate in social inclusion, gain experience and challenge themselves to build the skills necessary to function as informed citizens in society.

Participants demonstrate these skills through the numerous volunteer opportunities that are undertaken by participants throughout the community. Through these charitable partnerships forged with Crossing All Bridges our participants become empowered members of the community. Crossing All Bridges participants experience specific education that is catered to the individual needs of that participant. Individual assessments are performed with the help of participants and their families. This provides the opportunity for participants to set goals for themselves. These goals are revaluated on a consistent basis to ensure they are progressing towards their goal and our instructors are providing them with the appropriate educational experience to achieve them.

Crossing All Bridges is not only dedicated to providing learning experiences to participants but also impacting the lives of those that care for them. Families and caregivers are able to plan a future for their individual. Families can count on Crossing All Bridges' service so they can lead full filling lives. By keeping families together we can create a stronger community. Crossing All Bridges was founded on making positive change. For 10 years, we have been changing lives, changing families and changing communities. Change begins here!

For more information, please feel free to explore our website, email us at info@crossingallbridges.ca, or give us a call for a tour at 519-751-0123.