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Individuals with varying developmental abilities embrace a love of life, a love of learning and lifelong friendships in an inclusive and welcoming community.


Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre exists to provide, through compassionate dedicated staff:

  • affordable day programs to develop life skills in participants;
  • a social and welcoming environment in which meaningful relationships and friendships are developed;
  • inclusive community experiences.


Community – We believe that by sharing common goals with our participants, families, and partners, a feeling of fellowship and value for each other will grow. When we work in collaboration with our community we can provide seamless and effective programs and services.

Inclusivity – We respect and value diverse life challenges, as we commit to build programs and experiences that are inclusive of all participants, including those who might otherwise be excluded.

Respect – We demonstrate deep admiration and respect for our participants by treating them with dignity, encouraging their engagement, valuing their diversity and ensuring accessibility.

Choice – We create an environment that provides opportunity and empowerment for all. Exploring different and better ways to deliver programming ensures continuous improvement and promotes creativity in a stimulating learning environment.

Teamwork – We believe through our combined actions, we will build an effective and efficient community of colleagues, clients, families and partners.

Accountability – We are accountable to our participants, their families, our donors and sponsors by effectively managing our human, financial and physical resources.

Safety – We strive to provide a safe, secure and stable environment for our participants, staff, and volunteers.

Strategic Plan

Click here to view a copy of our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan for Crossing All Bridges.