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Crossing All Bridges' programs are essential to participants' intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development. By providing experiential learning, the programs play a valuable role in helping participants achieve their potential and become empowered contributors in our community. Instructors use relevant learning techniques, technology and individualized programming and assessment, helping our participants set goals and progress plans towards achieving them.

Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre applies a variety of instructional, assessment, and evaluation strategies. Instructors provide numerous hands-on opportunities for participants to develop and refine their skills and knowledge in creating, presenting, performing, reflecting, analyzing, and responding in all of the programs. Through these learning experiences, instructors enable participants to build upon existing knowledge expanding their understanding of the world around them. Our programs relate knowledge and skills in unique and interesting contexts that will motivate participants to learn in a meaningful way and to become lifelong learners.

Evaluation and Assessments

The primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve participant learning. Information gathered through assessment allows instructors to determine participants' strengths and areas of improvement. This information also serves to guide instructors in adapting curriculum and instructional approaches to participants' needs and assessing the overall effectiveness of programs.

As part of assessment, instructors and management provide parents/guardians with descriptive feedback on strengths and weaknesses for each participant in order to ensure improvement of the participants learning. The categories assessed are; knowledge and understanding, communication, application and critical thinking.